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Looking for ‘friendly’ employers

A criminal conviction doesn’t have to be the end of your career but many people with convictions feel anxious about disclosing details of their past fearing that they will be judged and discriminated against.

For many people, knowing that an employer is ‘friendly’ towards people with convictions helps them to apply for jobs with more confidence.

We have therefore developed some new information, identifying a number of employers who, either as a result of their recruitment process or company ethics, have a positive attitude towards people with convictions.

If you know of other companies we could add to this list, please let us know by contacting our helpline.


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  1. Hi I had a professional career before being convicted of sexual assault to wich I pleaded guilty. I worked mostly for national charities and CAB as a welfare benefit adviser , managing projects and delivering advice. Just been realised and now finding everything thing quite daunting. Even car insurance is not cheap. I have signed with tojpbs and informed them my criminal record. I have a disclosure letter and happy to discuss with an employer aswell.
    I don’t which employer would be welcoming to me as I am passionate, have great experience and a excellent communcator. I have looked at telephone advice and emergency call handler post which some recruiters are helping me with
    If there is any employer you could suggest I would be grateful.

    1. Hi Gulbag

      All of the organisations on our list of friendly employers have a much more positive attitude towards the recruitment of people with a criminal record. Also, have a look at the list of Ban the Box employers ( These organisations don’t ask any questions about criminal records at application stage and this often gives an applicant a better chance of securing an interview and using that opportunity to sell their skills, knowledge and experience.


    1. Hi Liam

      Really sorry to hear that you’re struggling to get into work. It would be good to know more about your conviction (when it was and the sentence or disposal that you received in court) and also what type of work you are looking for. I appreciate that you probably don’t want to share so much personal information in a public space such as this and can I suggest that you drop us an email to

      Best wishes


  2. I received a caution for harassment , I sent harassing emails to a person that bullied me causing me a nervous breakdown.
    How will employers look on this

    1. Hi Jason

      As you may be aware, under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (ROA) cautions are considered ‘spent’ immediately. This means that for the majority of jobs, you would not need to disclose the caution and it would never appear on a basic Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

      If you are applying for any job which requires either a standard or enhanced DBS check, then the caution would be disclosed for a minimum of 6 years. As the DBS certificate discloses minimal details about a caution or conviction, employers will usually want to know more and this will give you the opportunity to explain the circumstances leading up to the caution. You can find some really useful information on disclosing the caution at

      Best wishes


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