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Our impact

We're proud of the difference we've made

Annual report 2021/22

Each year we publish our annual report and accounts – which you can read in full on the Charity Commission’s website. After another busy year, we’re in an exciting phase as we develop our policy and advocacy work further. We’re grateful to all the funders, individual donors and volunteers who support our work.

Download the report summary.

The difference we make

Analysis of our beneficiary feedback on the long term impacts of our support shows people to have improved resettlement chances, suffer less social exclusion, and be empowered to achieve their potential. This all contribute to reduce re-offending by increasing the number of people who successful negotiate the on-going, changing and increasingly complex challenges which can derail the most positive of intentions. Ultimately, it means that people can move on positively with their lives.

Ear to the ground, voice at the top

As well as supporting individuals to move on positively in their lives, use what we learn from our frontline support to feed directly through to our policy work at the highest level. Over the years we’ve successfully secured changes to the criminal records system that will benefit thousands of people each year.

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12 million people have criminal records in the UK. We need your help to help them.

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