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Raise money when you shop online – Give as you live

Give as you Live Online is a free and easy way to raise funds for Unlock, simply by shopping online. Join for free today and start raising money when you shop at over 4,000 stores. Click on a store you want to shop with and they’ll direct you to the store’s website where you can continue to shop as normal.

You can find out how to use “Give as you Live” to support us by clicking here.


Ebay for Charity – Selling on Ebay

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Do you sell your unwanted items on Ebay? Then you can support us by donating part of or all of the final sale price to us.

How it works

In order to donate part or all of your final selling price to charity you must list your item using the ‘Advanced Sell’ listing form.

  • In the ‘choose how you’d like to sell your item section’, under Raise money for your favourite charity, choose Unlock.
  • Select the percentage of your final sale price that you would like to donate – between 10% and 100%. There is a minimum of a £1 donation per listing.
  • If this is your first ebay for charity item, you will need to read and agree to the ebay for charity terms and conditions.
  • Complete the rest of the listing as normal.
  • Tip: If you don’t see the eBay for Charity option on the form, click the ‘Add or remove options’ link at the top of the section. Tick the box for donate percentage of Sale and click save.


How to pay a charity donation

When you have sold your item and collected payment from the buyer, you have two options to pay your donation:

  1. Actively pay your donation from the donation account section of My Ebay under the My Account tab by choosing your preferred method of payment: PayPal, Direct Pay or Credit Card
  2. Let PayPal Giving Fund (eBay’s partner charity) collect the donation from you 3 weeks after your item sells, using your preferred payment method on file with eBay.

For more information about selling for charity on Ebay please visit the Sell for Charity section on Ebay.


  • You will receive fee credits whenever you sell an item for your charity. Ebay’s insertion fees and final value fees will be credited back to the seller, according to the level of their donation. For example, if you donate 50% of the item’s sale price to charity, you will receive a credit of 50% of the basic selling fees.
  • Every listing that benefits Unlock  will include our logo and mission statement, promoting our charity on, and will be marked with the charity ribbon, which attracts extra customers and means you are likely to get a higher sale price for the item.

Buying on Ebay

If you buy regularly on Ebay please do keep an eye out for items that are being sold to benefit Unlock. You can visit Unlock’s  Ebay for Charity page  which has a list of all the products currently being sold to benefit Unlock


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