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What you need to know, in brief.

  • Most mainstream insurers discriminate against people with unspent convictions, even if the convictions are not relevant. Unlocks list of specialist brokers can often help with home or business insurance and if you’re looking for car insurance there are some mainstream insurers that don’t ask about non-motoring convictions.
  • When purchasing an insurance policy you only need to disclose unspent convictions and then only if the insurer asks.
  • Having a criminal record won’t usually cause you too many problems in opening a bank account. If you don’t qualify for a standard account, possibly due to a poor credit history, most banks offer a basic account.
  • For those in prison or being released, the biggest problem when applying for a bank account is providing identification. Each bank will have a list of the ID they accept.
  • If you’ve been convicted of a fraud offence and refused a bank account this may be due to your details being recorded on the CIFAS database. You may have to consider some form of pre-paid account.

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