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List of insurance brokers


  • We have been developing access to fair insurance for people with convictions since 2000. Since then we have worked hard to make it easier for you to get genuine cover at a fair price.
  • Unlock is an independent charity, and so we do not provide insurance directly. We are not FCA regulated and so we’re not able to provide specific insurance advice.
  • The list provides details of a number of insurance brokers that provide specialist insurance to people with convictions
  • The list sits alongside guidance on insurance and convictions and a list of motor insurers for those with non-motoring convictions.

Advice on using the list

All of the companies on the list have confirmed to Unlock that they:

  1. Do not require individuals to disclose spent criminal record information (in line with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974)
  2. Are able to offer individuals, on request, written confirmation of the information they have disclosed regarding criminal conviction
Adrian Flux Insurance Services0800 089 sexual offences
AJG0800 496 3255insurancepolicyadmin@aig.comYesYesNoNoNoNoNone
Anchor Underwriting020 8418 offences
BG Insurance01892 offences & fraud
Bureau Insurance Services01424
Collingwood Insurance Service0345 470
Complete Cover Group Limited0800 112
CoverBuilder0333 358 offences & terrorism offences
Coversure Insurance0330 124 offences
Culpeck Insurance Services Limited01733 sexual offences
Delite Insurance Agency01634 offences
DNA Insurance Services Limited0844 573 offences
Fresh Start01483
GMI Insurance Services020 8850 offences
Guildhall Brokers & Consultants Limited020 8446 than 5 unspent convictions
H & R Insurance Services0845 130, theft, dishonesty, handling stolen goods
HomeProtect0845 155
Insurable0845 077 offences
Insurance Choice01926 offences, some fraud, theft & robbery offences
Insurance Factory0844 573 offences
Intelligent Insurance03333 11 11
Keith Michaels Plc020 8329 1163
020 8329 1158 offences & fraud
LMI Limited0845 260 offences
MyFirst UK0333 305 5116enquiries@myfirstuk.comwww.myfirstuk.comNoNoYesNoNoNoNone
Need to Insure Limited01623
One Insurance Solution0845 034 offences
Park Insurance0117 955 offences
Peacock Insurance Services02476 offences
Richard Weston Limited020 8543
Sky Insurance Brokers0330 333 offences
Sale Insurance Services Limited0161 969




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  1. Hi,

    Bought a Motorhome and want include my brother on my insurance but as he is still ‘on Licence / unspent conviction’ this is proving near impossible.

    Any advice, help would be greatly appreciated.


    John Farmer

    1. Hi John i finally got insurance for my static through compare caravan insurance telephone is 01608 647654
      I don’t know if they cover motorhomes but its worth a try. Best of luck,its so frustrating.
      Regards, Paul

  2. Good luck, I spent a week trying to find insurance with a campervan and an unspent conviction. All but one company refused to quote, and that company came back with a quote that was 10 times higher than without a conviction. Yes 10 times higher!
    My conviction is not financial or fraud related, I have 20 years no claims bonus, yet insurance companies just don’t touch anyone with unspent convictions anymore.
    I spoke to one nice company who said there has been a shift in the last 3 years this way.
    I accept I have to pay higher premiums, but this whole experience has been a nightmare and destroyed my mental health. I am trying to move on with my life and improve it, but insurance companies are actively discriminating against people with unspent convictions and something should be done about that!

  3. This country is so hot on people being discriminated against except those who have committed criminal offences.As an ex Probation Office, I am so angry that I tried so hard to assist people back into the community,even those who have received custodial sentences,but blocked.
    The insurance companies make massive assumptions regarding motor insurance.If you have received a sentence of over 5yrs everyone seems to be put into the same category.They all present the same risk,so we will make it difficult for them.
    My job was to rehabilitate all those who returned to the community,having paid the price for their offence.Number 1 task work,difficult but certainly not immpossible.No2 having found work,transport if public transport does not meet their travel needs,whats left a car.Why then do we make it very difficult for such people to obtain motor insurance???
    Is that not discrimination?

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