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People with criminal records speak out about the exclusionary rule

Read what people with criminal records - including victims of serious crime - have to say

The criminal injuries compensation scheme allows victims of serious crime to apply for compensation, based on a tariff of injuries. But victims who have unspent convictions are automatically excluded. To help inform our response to the government’s consultation on the exclusionary rule, we asked people with criminal records for their views.

Below are some anonymous quotes demonstrating the impact of this unfair and discriminatory rule.

We asked:

Does knowing about the exclusionary rule affect how you would feel about reporting a crime to the police?

“I’ll always be seen as a criminal despite [my] conviction being directly linked to being sexually abused. It won’t make any difference whether or not I report it.”

“What would be the point of reporting it if I’m going to be treated like a second class citizen?”


“I would be unwilling to help anyone in case I was then targeted by the perpetrators and was injured or victimised. I would be unwilling to be a witness.”


We asked:

How does the exclusionary rule make you feel about your place in society?

“It makes me feel worthless in the eyes of society”

“Like I don’t matter. That what I went through doesn’t matter”


“Less valued than others, as if I somehow deserved worse treatment, regardless of the circumstances”


“It feels you are excluded from society…Forever being punished long after being rehabilitated.”


“I feel myself being on the on the margins of society…almost a non-citizen because so many doors for me are either closed or only slightly ajar”


“It makes me feel that society doesn’t care if I’m harmed in some way.”




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