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New ‘Opportunities’ page

We know that getting a paid or voluntary role can be really important in helping people to turn their lives around if they have a criminal record and, although it doesn’t always seem like it, there are lots of organisations that look to proactively recruit people with convictions.

As part of our work to raise awareness of these opportunities, we’ve introduced a new ‘Opportunities’ page to theRecord. This will include details of paid jobs, volunteering roles and other opportunities. Some of these will be featured because organisations have got in touch and asked us to include them, whilst others are ones that we’ve become aware of during the course of our work. The comment theme is that they are specific opportunities that are specifically looking to reach people with criminal records. Some of the opportunities will be with organisations that may be well known for recruiting people with a criminal record; others may surprise you.

We’re keen to hear what you think about the new page, so let us know by using our feedback form or emailing us at And if you know of an opportunity that you think should be included, do let us know.

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