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Convictions on your DBS isn’t the end of your employment chances

Some refreshing news for those of us who have convictions that will apparently forever overshadow our possible career ambitions.

The Unlock helpline recently received a call from a person with a very serious conviction (causing death by dangerous driving). The caller had been offered a place at University to study Psychology, and was understandably worried about the DBS check which would be needed as the degree included some work experience placements involving working with vulnerable adult patients.

However, during the course of the conversation the caller revealed that they were already working within the NHS… Upon questioning we learned that their role had indeed required an enhanced DBS check, and that they had got the position anyway, albeit after a stressful and thorough interview process. Basically they had won through by persistence and being both confident and committed enough to give a good, honest and heartfelt account of themselves, and doing everything they could to demonstrate their fundamental decency, integrity, and ultimately – employability.

This is obviously a fantastic and inspirational story. Whilst it may seem to be unusual, perhaps the lesson here is that it is only so unusual because so many people in comparable situations believe that they have literally no remaining chance of their target career, and therefore understandably lack the willpower and sheer audacity to give it a go regardless of their records.

Always remember – the worst that can happen is that you don’t get the job, and you are no worse off than you were before trying. In fact, you could argue that even an unsuccessful outcome can be used as a positive; a learning experience, and a boost of self-esteem and confidence for the fact that you felt able to apply in the first place.

Therefore the message from me is – Go for it, and hold your head up… You have nothing to lose, and plenty to gain.

by Stuart

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