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Kazuri holistically addresses the housing needs of women, now we need you to engage…

Whitehall generated, generic housing policy fails vulnerable women already marginalised and disenfranchised by society. Existing mainstream policy encourages a culture of dependence because it looks at the client’s needs in isolation against a framework of benefit entitlements, rather than self actualisation or empowerment.

It is a gradual and stressful transition from an existing traumatic place, be it prison or an abusive relationship to another round of refuges, hostels and unsafe, unsustainable accommodation culminating in the client finally being housed in a residence a client can call home.

Kazuri’s approach is radically different and you can be part of the process of recovery through community action. We need socially engaged supporters to help us maintain the provision of sustainable housing for every woman.

Our Housing First model is deployed by assigning each woman with a dedicated advocate, who works to empower the woman (and her family) to reach her potential and achieve realistic goals. Empowerment breaks the culture of benefits, violence, trauma and crime. Our clients live productive lives as stakeholders in society and they volunteer in local charities or social enterprises, to rebuild fragmented broken bonds.

You can be part of that success story. Each woman can also avail herself of the services of a mentor, a woman who has achieved some level of success in her community, as she wishes.

It can be a long journey and the advocate, the mentor and the Kazuri community will be there every step of the way that takes investment from all involved.

So how do we help you do this and how can you help?

Kazuri builds on the existing success working with women ex-offenders, those on Local Authorities housing lists and women facing homelessness through domestic violence. We need supporters to invest time, love, resilience, energy and money! Investment goes beyond the financial, time, awareness and support are just as valuable. This is aligned with the holistic approach we adopt at Kazuri. Look at the whole picture and you will see a place in that vision for yourself.

Our current crowd funding campaign on Buzzbnk lists multiple ways to get involved and raise awareness of an innovative way to reach the most vulnerable who are hardest to reach. Click here []

Look out for our next crowd funding venture, Devi Ghar (Goddesses’ Home), a fully serviced women’s resilience centre offering everything from holistic body treatments, trauma counselling and a women only hotel.

We’re also currently offering internships involving tenancy sustainment, mentoring and coaching, training and property management. Click here – (Direct Word Document download) []

Call Kazuri on 020 7 377 5791 or email

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