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Salah – Disclosure advice from Unlock helped me secure an IT apprenticeship

Salah contacted our helpline for some disclosure advice. He explained that he had been convicted of stalking and harassment following the breakdown of his relationship with his ex-girlfriend. Salah explained that he had found the break-up very difficult to deal with which had led to him making some very bad decisions.

However, he was now in a much better place and was in the process of trying to find a suitable job or apprenticeship but was struggling to know the best way to disclose his conviction. He went on to say that he had just been invited to an interview for an IT apprenticeship but was aware that he would be working in an office with 5 women and was worried that due to the nature of his offence, they would not want to work with him.

The helpline advisor explained to Salah that the only person who should be aware of his conviction was his line manager and/or the HR manager. It was not something that should be shared with all members of staff.

As part of his community order, Salah had done a lot of work to understand what had led to his offending behaviour and he was confident that he would never reoffend. The helpline advisor explained that this was something that Salah should include in any disclosure conversation with an employer.

A week later Salah contacted Unlock again to say:

“I’ve just been offered the apprenticeship role and can’t thank you enough for all the help, advise and support you gave me”.


Notes about this case

  1. This case relates to Unlock’s helpline.
  2. We have practical guidance on disclosing criminal records to an employer.
  3. Names and details have been changed to protect the identity of those involved.


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