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Strategic Plan 2016-20

This page provides references that relate to our latest Strategic plan, 2021-26

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  3. Department for Work and Pensions (2012) Government launches employment support for prisoners 
  4. Between 7 and 8% of people sentenced by the courts each year are immediately sent to prison. For example, Ministry of Justice (2020) Criminal justice statistics quarterly, June 2020 
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  11. A number of studies in the United States has looked at the impact of criminal records reform. A study that found that expungement boosted participants’ employment rates and average real earnings ) another which found that average wages rose by 23% post-expungement and that recidivism amongst expungees was very low – 4% ( A summary of the evidence is available at 
  12. Statistics on Race and the Criminal Justice system published periodically by the Ministry of Justice since 2010 has shown this. See Ministry of Justice (2018) Statistics on Race and the Criminal Justice System 2018 
  13. Bulman, M. (2018) Black teenage boys more likely to get maximum jail terms than white children, Independent 3 October 2018, 
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