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List of policy issues

This page has a long list of the areas where there are particular policy issues that relate to people with convictions. They’re broken down into key themes, and more information for some of the issues are available by following the links in each section.

For a list of the key areas that we’re currently focusing on, visit here.


Fair use of criminal records by the state and its agencies

Further reform to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 / Exceptions Order 1975 / Police Act 1997
–  Stopping enforced subject access requests
Disclosure Scotland
Disclosure & Barring Service
–  The way that standard and enhanced checks work
–  Stopping unlawful/ineligible DBS checks
–  What gets disclosed on standard and enhanced checks – How the DBS ‘filtering’ process doesn’t go far enough
Learning from overseas
Wiping of records and pardoning gay men convicted under outdated laws

Fair access to employment

Supporting and challenging employers in how they treat people with convictions
Employers’ use of criminal records
–  Stopping unlawful/ineligible DBS checks
–  Stopping enforced subject access requests
–  Working in a regulated role, industry or sector
Scrapping the ‘disqualification by association’ regulations that apply to primary schools and other childcare settings
–  Enabling people with unspent convictions to become trustees of charities
Supporting people into work/volunteering


Fair access to education/training

Promoting fair admission policies and practices by universities and colleges


Fair access to financial services

Financial services
Bank accounts


Fair access to housing

Local authorities and housing associations
Private landlords


Leading a ‘normal’ life

Stopping the ‘google-effect’ with spent convictions
Sharing convictions with members of the public
Sharing of spent motoring convictions by the DVLA
Stopping misleading questions asked by employers, insurers, housing providers and others

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