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Working for the NHS

NHS_JOBS_logo190209by Nigel

I have convictions for violence (GBH from 8 years ago and a more recent one in 2010) and have recently applied for an IT Position in one of the NHS trusts.

The post is primarily away from patients and hospitals but may occasionally require going in to sort out IT problems, and it involves a DBS check. I did declare the unspent conviction on the original application as there was a section asking this.

I went for an interview, and nothing was mentioned regarding CRB/DBS checks or anything to do with my record. I received a phone call with an offer of employment, and was nervously waiting the dreaded DBS check in the paperwork.

When it came, I completed this fully and truthfully, and ten days later all checks have come back to HR and I have been given the go-ahead to start. I am just waiting on a start date now. This is an NHS trust and I am not sure if other trusts will have different procedures, but it’s good news for me at least and maybe gives others a bit of hope.

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