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theRecord is back!

If you thought we’d been a little quiet recently, we hope we can make it up to you with the news that theRecord has gone live online! For the last few months we’ve been working hard behind-the-scenes to build a brand new website that’s just aching for all your content. Check it out @’ve brought the magazine right up to date with the help of a talented designer. Like most websites, theRecord will be constantly evolving and if you’ve got any thoughts on what we could do better then please let us know (of course, if you want to tell us how brilliant it is, we’d quite like that too).

In terms of how theRecord will work, there’ll be much less emphasis on a monthly published edition, and much more focus on developing high-quality interesting contributions from a broad range of people with convictions. However, we’ll still be providing you with monthly updates straight to your inbox, where we’ll recap the latest news and articles that have been posted during that month, so that you can easily find out what’s new.

We’re also pleased to announce that we have two new co-editors on board. They’ve put out a call for submissions, so if you’re interested in contributing to the magazine, please get in touch with them at

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