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Sarah’s Bag

Sarah’s Bag produce and sell feminine, fresh, and fashionable bags. For the past 11 years, owner Sarah Beydoun has made it her mission to work with women prisoners, providing them with opportunities that result in a steady income and a stable job after their release. Sarah realised that it is her duty and the duty of her community to also improve the living conditions of these women inside the prison. The hard work and effort of these women is a major part of the ever-growing success of Sarah’s Bag. Today, and as a tribute to their resilience and perseverance, Sarah’s Bag is giving these prisoners a chance to improve their life conditions in prison by beading pouches that would be sold by Sarah’s Bag. All proceeds will go directly to the Dar Al Amal organisation to finance the three rehabilitation programs in Baabda prison, Lebanon:
1. Providing legal support to the prisoners.
2. Rehabilitation of the Baabda prison.
3. Providing medical support.

Sympathising with the prisoners is one thing, while taking simple actions in order to make a change in these women’s lives is what matters most.
Each piece requires 10 to 15 days of meticulous embroidering, beading, crocheting, and hand stitching to produce.

Founder Sara Beydoun studied sociology at the American University of Beirut. After she earned her master’s degree with a thesis on female prostitution and women prisoners in Lebanon, she realised she could do something to improve the conditions in which women in Lebanese prisons were being held.

Sarah decided to set up her company as part of a rehabilitation programme, whereby women at risk from economic depravation or the stigma of having served time in prison would learn valuable skills in return for a reliable income and a stable source of pride, dignity, and empowerment. In the process, these women would be helping to revamp the centuries’ old traditions of artisans and textile makers in the Middle East for the purpose of invigorating contemporary fashion. The arrangement turned out to be successful, innovative, and highly efficient.

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