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Poem – Last Chance Saloon

There’s time for a drink in the last chance saloon
Oh dear brethren they will come for me soon
Will it be this time the room with the bars
Where I will try to patch up my scars
Or maybe the Asylum beckons again
There I can nurture my agony, this pain

What will it be? Where will it end?
My life is important they say I can mend
I need some peace, some love some grace
In the glass, my eyes, this scarred face
I have a soul it cries me to sleep
The answer is atop a mountain steep

Those I have loved who have gone away
My mind let them go, my heart was screaming stay
You must start seeing the light burning red
The alarm bells are ringing – all support has fled
Why do I say yes when my meaning is no
Christ God Almighty it’s all plain as the white driven snow

So you there you have it, my plight is great
My mind, my emotions is an addled state
Don’t ever judge a book by its cover
A friend, a mate, a foe, a lover.
A place of punishment is where I try to rest
Though God only knows I have done my best

What piece of work do we have in our hands
The mood changes, the anger, like shifting sands
The blood is red, the intent good and true
If you only listen I’ll give you a clue
But no is the answer, the fate it is sealed
Everyone is leaving as the last bell is pealed


by Nick Singleton

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