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Poem: One Month In

The anger, the heartache,
the pain, the despair,
I look in her eyes, I see it all there
The hurt I have caused,
the promises broken,
I see in her tears
without words being spoken.

The sound of her deep
wracking sobs breaks my heart
I know what I’ve done
has torn us apart.

I deserve to be punished
for what I did wrong,
so a cell in a prison
is where I belong,
but, why punish my family?
What harm have they done,
their crime was to love me,
my wife and my sons.

For that they will suffer,
by society cast out,
because of their trust,
their innocence in doubt
The looks as they pass by,
the whispers, the sneers,
while their pleas for assistance
fall on deaf ears
Think you need counselling?
We’ll help if we can
but you’ll wait for months
cause you love “that man”
We can’t pay for two,
and the victim has needs,
so you’ll have to suffer
because of his deeds
If I hadn’t offended
then I would be free,
and life would be normal so,
from this you can see
If you ever considering
committing a crime,
it’s your family not you
that will do the hard time.

by Martin


Poem taken from issue 13 of theRecord.

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