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Poem: An Ode to You (an ode to my friend)

No one single deed,
No moment in time
No simple descriptor
Can clearly define
No scales that could measure
Nor words that could lend could capture the essence
What makes a true friend?

A friend is a person
You know will walk in
And stand by your side
Stay through thick and thin
When there’s no one else left
’cause they’ve all turned and walked out
A friend is that one
On whom you always can count

When life throws you curve balls
That knock you askance
And trial, pain and sorrow
Are leading the dance
And shadows are casting, your world all in grey
A friend is the sunshine
Who brightens your day

A friend is that person
Who’ll always stay true
The soul from your past life
You know you once knew
He’s cried for your sorrows
He’s celebrated your joys
His music is calming gentle soothing deep voice
A god given gift
In whom which to rejoice

Thank you dear friend
For the gift that is you
The love that you giveth
Letting me love you too
You are the one person
I’m proud to call ‘Friend’

by TopCat68



Poem taken from issue 16 of theRecord.


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