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Have you been through the criminal justice system? Have you got a story to share?

For over 10 years, our online magazine, theRecord has given people with a criminal record a place to share their stories.

Starting out as a monthly newsletter, theRecord has grown a lot since those early days. It shares the experiences of people with cautions and convictions – both good and bad.

From the articles we receive, we know that having a criminal record need not be the end of the world and for some, it can be an opportunity to start something new; a university course, a new job or possibly a new business.

It’s important that people facing barriers because of a criminal record are given hope and inspiration for the future, knowing that it is possible to have a life after a conviction. It’s also important for those struggling with obstacles and discrimination to know that they’re not alone.

If you feel that your criminal record is adversely affecting you, then theRecord can provide a platform for you to share your experience.

So, let’s use our stories to encourage and support one another.

We don’t just want to hear the good news but also the obstacles and hurdles that you’re facing.

You can find out more about contributing to theRecord here. If, you’re ready to share something now, please email your contribution to

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12 million people have criminal records in the UK. We need your help to help them.

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