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Damaged and beyond repair


A long time ago, when governments were still trying to work out ways to control mass populations, along came communism. This took the view that only the elite could control the masses.

By the twenties and thirties, whole sections of the top UK Universities were filled with the elite obviously who took to this ideology, but after the war when people realized what communism really meant and living standards improved, the ideology died down although it didn’t entirely disappear.

By the sixties it re-emerged and an experiment began. The experiment took the view that if the state knew better than parents then all the faults of society lay with the people. Take children into care for the slightest of reasons and in one generation you would have a perfect society. Approved schools, although not a new concept were now run by social workers and the socially engineered disaster began. In 1946 the Official Handbook for Approved Schools stated that its primary aim was, ‘Making citizens’.

By 1961 in the Manager’s HMSO Handbook, that had changed to ‘Social re-education’. Hundreds of thousands passed through this system; the results were staggering and a huge percentage went on to Borstals for punishment and from there to YP (Young Prisoner wings), within adult prisons. In one generation socialism, (the State as the provider and dominant ideology), produced more criminals than any other in history. The result was that one in three people over the age of fifty now has a criminal record.

The experiment failed and socialism/communism began to get a bad reputation elsewhere in the world. Time for a name change and Labour became Nu Labour, the Red Flag was replaced with a rose and socialism became progressivism; just like the problem Windscale became Sellafield and our trading partners turned into a European Federation. The old guard still remained; Blunkett, Prescott, Harman, Brown . . . laughed at in the sixties they were now in power and continue to wreak havoc with their policies. Multiculturalism, mass uncontrolled immigration, equality . . . if you dumb down and destroy society what you’ll get is a population that is forced to rely on the elite in power. Thank goodness that the government gives you JSA, housing allowance, ‘free’ health care and education? Aren’t you grateful that big business, (depending on your status as defined by the State) provides you with work?

Nothing in politics is an accident; like Approved schools, the recession didn’t just ‘happen’ it was allowed to happen. CCTV’s weren’t produced by a stroke of magic and the influx of ‘Manager’s’ to run our lives isn’t something that is needed but pre-planned. Blackboard becomes chalkboard, just as English becomes British . . . and it all appears so normal.

Just like we old Approved school and Borstal graduates, the experiment is now on you. It’s a process to regulate you, make you into perfectly controlled citizens and the unfortunate fact is, this time around it appears to be working.

Taken from Issue 16

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