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Confusion over DBS factsheets

Whilst working on the Unlock helpline I had an interesting query that I thought might be useful to share on here:

It appears that, in relation to being ‘barred’ by the Disclosure and Barring Service, they have two ‘Factsheets’ surrounding whether or not someone should be placed on the DBS barred list.

The two factsheets in question are ‘DBS Factsheet: Relevant Offences’ and ‘DBS Factsheet: Relevant Offences England and Wales‘ 



The offence in question is listed as ‘Supply of a controlled drug to another (Misuse of Drugs Act  Section 4(3))’ in ‘Relevant Offences’, but as ‘Production or supply of a controlled drug (where the victim was a child) (Misuse of Drugs Act  Section 4(3))’ in the England & Wales version.

The question was “which one applies”? If the latter list is used then this would mean the client would not be on the DBS barred list.

We’ve referred the matter to the DBS whose legal team are currently looking into it. We’ll provide an update once they’ve come back to us. 

By Simon





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