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Call for submissions, from the new co-editors

Richard & Tyler, Co-editors of theRecord

theRecord is a free online magazine for law-abiding people with convictions.

We are always on the lookout for interesting contributions by people who have a criminal record. Articles can be about people’s success stories, the struggles of living a law-abiding life following a conviction, problems with and objections to the disclosure of convictions when seeking work or volunteering, building new circles of friends, or anything that has helped inspire and support a change towards a law-abiding lifestyle.

As ever, we want theRecord to represent your journey, so please keep contributing your stories, reviews, creative pieces and views on the latest developments. Whatever you want to say, we need to hear it.

If you write for theRecord, you can expect to deal with editors sympathetic to your situation and keen to give you a voice to help bring about positive changes in your life, the lives of others and to the way people with convictions are treated and their criminal records are used.

We publish articles in four basic categories:

1.            News: latest news that affects people with convictions

2.            Your views & reviews: your views on the current situation and what needs to change and reviews of books and articles that affect people with convictions.

3.            Your stories: tell your story. Have you turned your life around? How are you dealing with having a record? What effect has it had on your life? What changes have you had to make to move forward?

4.            Show your conviction: This section provides a platform for people with past convictions to get appreciation and recognition for the positive work they’ve done since their last conviction. This could include photography, art, poetry, writing or examples of crafts: anything which showcases the abilities of people with past convictions.

If you think you might be interested in publishing something in theRecord, then just drop us an email at

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Richard and Tyler

Co-editors, theRecord

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12 million people have criminal records in the UK. We need your help to help them.

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