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Ben Sturge

If I’m an ex why am I having a difficult time moving on?

Relationship problems you might be thinking? Well for the most part you would be correct. You see after my release from prison, like most do, I had realised my polyamorous relationship with crime and the police had run its course. After repaying my debt to society I was keen to start a new career and left prison proudly forced into wearing my badge as an ex-offender.

The problem was and still is to some extent is that despite wanting to start a new career or better myself, this label of ex-offender seems to confuse the most educated of society, they are failing to understand what EX actually means? I’m sure employers see it as a terrible disease meaning unreliable and incapable, whilst insurance brokers see it as pound signs.

Is this rehabilitation? How realistic is rehabilitation when up against this level of adversity?

With logic and morals at war I chose the challenge of the latter and applied my criminal learnings to set up a legitimate business providing a service to inmates friends and families nationwide. Fonesavvy was born to reduce the cost of calls to mobiles from prison. With the help and support of understanding organisations such as Inside Time, the high barriers of being an ex-offender soon become hurdles, good news travels fast, especially in prison and Fonesavvy is now nationwide. It’s not been easy and we are still experiencing some resistance due to a lack of understanding from HMPS.

However I’m sure on this occasion it has nothing to do with being an ex-offender and I’m faithful this will be resolved quickly and Fonesavvys benefits will be recognised. It is my hope that anyone reading this will be inspired and confident enough to believe in themselves and realise the success and satisfaction that can be achieved in the legitimate world. With the hurdles and stigma attached to being an ex-offender in a climate with already limited job prospects, employment is very difficult, what better time to become self employed and start your own business?

For more information visit; follow Fonesavvy on Twitter @fonesavvyuk or find us on Facebook and Blackberry messenger pin 2826F945.

Article taken from Issue 18.

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