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  • Article

    Moving on: Disclosing criminal convictions to prospective employers – when and how?

    This month, we’ve written another article for Inside Times ‘Through the Gate’ section which focuses on disclosing criminal convictions to prospective employers if you’re about to leave prison. A copy…

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  • Advice

    Receiving a criminal record whilst you’re in employment

    …employer? Is there anything else you should consider about disclosing your criminal record? What action can your employers take? What factors will your employers take into consideration? What are the…

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  • Article

    Blog – Standing up to the government in the Supreme Court – Some reflections on last month’s landmark criminal record disclosure hearing

    …available to employers (such as Nacro’s guidance) was sufficient in ensuring employers treat people fairly. However, as was made clear in court, there is nothing that requires employers to follow…

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  • Article

    Government should consider a statutory “ban the box” for all employers and improve the support to people released from prison

    …level of training or education in prison will overcome the negative approaches taken by employers, so supporting and challenging employers in their recruitment practices needs to be a fundamental part…

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  • Article

    Blog – Why we’ve launched a website for employers

    employers are taking to help inspire other companies. Although nine out of ten employers have said that they’re open to the idea of recruiting people with convictions, in practice less…

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  • Advice

    What will be disclosed on a basic DBS check?

    …apply for one. This information forms part of our disclosing to employers section. Why is this important? If you’re applying for jobs which may require a basic DBS check, it’s…

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  • Advice

    What will be filtered by the DBS?

    …is avaliable in our disclosing to employers and understanding you criminal record sections To read personal stories – You can read stories about this posted on theRecord, our online magazine,…

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  • Case Study

    Paul – Don’t underestimate the benefits of volunteering as a way of getting back into paid work

    …either with the organisation you volunteer with or an associated one. Links Looking for friendly employers Volunteering Disclosing to employers Notes about this case study This case study relates to…

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  • Guide

    Sexual offences

    Sexual offences in brief There are many misconceptions about sexual offence convictions and how they work in terms of disclosing to employers. It’s important therefore be to clear about: When…

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  • Personal Story

    Has ‘Ban the Box’ turned a job interview into another courtroom?

    …information on disclosing criminal records to employers Our policy work – Read about the policy work we’re doing on supporting and challenging employers in how they treat people with convictions…

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