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    Fair Access to Employment

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    Self-disclosure statements (often referred to as a “disclosure letter”)

    …is part of our disclosing to employers section. Why is this important? However you choose to disclose your criminal record to an employer, be it face to face or in…

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  • Advice

    Explaining gaps in your CV as a result of a criminal record

    …by understanding what to put in your CV or how you explain at interview. This page forms part of our information on disclosing to employers. Why is this important? Many…

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  • Advice

    Finding out about your criminal record

    …you from disclosing inaccurate information, disclosing too much information or not disclosing what you are legally obliged to disclose. Introduction Before you start thinking about how and when to disclose,…

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    Criminal record checks for employment (basic, standard and enhanced DBS checks)

    …do I go about disclosing to employers? Employers will often ask applicants to disclose in a certain way. If they don’t, then you should disclose in the way that you…

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    Support for employers

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    How do you disclose a conviction you don’t believe you’re guilty of?

    …not ready to accept any responsibility for your actions. Option 1 – Accept responsibility Some people who believe they’ve been wrongly convicted choose, for the purposes of disclosing to employers

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    GDPR and data protection – Guidance for individuals

    …to also carry out formal criminal record checks. The GDPR does not regulate an employer’s ability to carry out criminal record checks but rather an employer’s ability to process the…

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    Training for employers and recruiters

    …support to recruiters, employers, and regulators and admission officers. Our aim is to help you to make sure that your policies and practices are properly structured so that you’re able…

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    How we support employers

    employers. In particular, there’s a dedicated section on how we support employers. If you have any questions, you can contact Rachel Tynan, who leads our support for employers. Email…

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