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Chief Executive Officer

We're looking for a passionate, resilient leader with high levels of emotional intelligence to bring their spark and ideas to Unlock.

This is a broad and varied job spanning organisational leadership, strategic development, cause advocacy, operational delivery and systems change. We are not expecting you to have heavyweight experience in every area, especially as we are open to a first-time Chief Executive as much as an experienced one, but it will be important that over time you succeed in all aspects of the role.

We are looking for a passionate, resilient Chief Executive with high levels of emotional intelligence to bring their spark and ideas to Unlock. With our current strategy running until 2026, the ability to communicate our vision will be important, helping us get from A to B, making sure that staff and the people on whose behalf we advocate are engaged with and ambitious in achieving that vision. Similarly, it is essential for us not just to talk about lived experience but that we genuinely ground our values in a culture where diversity, inclusion, and equity are enshrined and modelled.

As an advocacy organisation, Unlock would benefit from someone with high degrees of political acumen and strategic leadership, someone to not only position Unlock as influential but who is comfortable acting as the face of the organisation themselves. Subject matter expertise is not essential, though a broad appreciation of the issues we work on and the natural ability to grasp complex, thorny policy areas quickly will be important.

Perhaps most importantly, we are looking for someone driven by our vision of a fair and inclusive society where people with criminal records can move on positively with their lives, someone who can embody our mission and values, and someone to create a sense of hope and ambition for the future.

For more information and to apply, please visit the job page on the Green Park website.

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