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Forum rules

Make sure you read these rules before taking part in the forum

This page should be read alongside theForum terms of use, and more generally alongside our data protection policy and website terms of use.  


Who can take part?

Although primarily for people with criminal convictions, anybody with a criminal record can take part, so long as they agree to the terms of use.

For the purposes of theForum, we define someone as having a “criminal record” if they have received a conviction or some other disposal by a criminal court, or if they have received an official police caution.


Who can’t take part?

  • Anybody wishing to use theForum for commercial messages or as a medium for marketing or selling
  • Those who are involved in criminal activity currently, or intend to be in the future
  • People who are innocent (or believe themselves to be)
  • People contributing in a professional capacity (for example criminal justice staff, journalists, researchers, students)
  • People under the age of 13.


What can’t be discussed?

The following topics/discussions/comments are not allowed, either explicitly or implicitly:

  1. Crime or future criminal activity
  2. Pending prosecutions
  3. False allegations or offences you say you didn’t commit
  4. Appealing or varying a sentence, conviction or civil order
  5. Requests for legal advice
  6. Specific details relating to an offence, conviction or the circumstances leading up to it
  7. Ongoing needs, efforts or requirements to address your offending behaviour

Please note that the phrases above will be given their ordinary meaning, and this is subject to the sole discretion of Unlock.



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