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New tool to help work out if you need to disclose your criminal record

“Do I need to tell them about my criminal record?”. That’s one of the most common questions that our helpline receives when people are applying for work or volunteering roles.

But it’s not a question that has a straightforward answer. The starting point is:

You only have to disclose if you’re asked.”

But then it can get complicated. If you’re being asked, whether you need to tell them depends on (1) what type of role you’re applying for, and (2) your specific criminal record.

So to help with this, we’ve developed a simple tool. This brings together all of the things you need to answer the question “Do I need to tell them about my criminal record?”. It also signposts to one of our other tools, our disclosure calculator, where this is needed.

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As this is a new tool, we’re keen to get feedback. Is it useful? Could it be improved? Email your thoughts to

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