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Remember Unlock in your will

Remembering Unlock in your Will is simple and as well as helping us continue our much-needed work, gifts to charities are free from Inheritance and Capital Gains tax and so may help to reduce the level of tax payable on your estate.

Leaving a legacy to Unlock can be done when you first make your Will, by drafting a new Will or by adding a simple Codicil. Below are some simple guidelines on the types of bequests that you can make and how to go about it.

The main ways of leaving a gift are:

  •  A residuary gift is the remainder of your estate, or a percentage of it, after all gifts to friends and family have been made and any debts, taxes and expenses paid.
  • A pecuniary legacy is the gift of a fixed sum of money. It can be indexed linked toprotect its value.
  • A specific legacy is the gift of a particular item such as stocks and shares, property, life insurance policies or jewellery.

Unlock recommends using a solicitor to make or amend a Will. A solicitor will ensure that your Will is legally valid and that your wishes will be carried out.

Your solicitor will know how to word a legacy but you might find the following wording useful:

I give to Unlock, Maidstone Community Support Centre, 39-48 Marsham Street, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 1HH, Registered Charity Number 1079046;

  •  all the residue of my estate
  • % share of the residue of my estate
  • the sum of £______
  • an item or items of value (give a full, accurate description) to be used by Unlock for its general purposes, and I direct that the receipt of the Chair of Trustees or other duly authorised officer shall be sufficient discharge of the said legacy.

If you have included, or intend to include Unlock in your Will, it would be helpful if you would let us know by filling out a Legacy Pledge Form. This will help us to plan for the future and to thank you for your compassion and support.

If you would like to talk about leaving a legacy, or if you have any questions, please contact Julie Harmsworth on 01622 230705 email or write to Unlock, MCSC, 39-48 Marsham Street Maidstone Kent ME14 1HH

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