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Disclosure Calculator Beta

Find out when your criminal record becomes ‘spent’, and whether you need to disclose it to employers and others.

Before you begin

For each conviction or caution you’ve had, you’ll need:

  • the type of conviction or caution you got
  • the date you got your conviction or caution
  • the date any conditions ended, or how long your sentence was

If you give approximate dates, the result you get will be approximate.

Please note that this calculator only applies to legislation in England and Wales.

Further resources

If you don’t have the above information about your criminal record, you’ll need to get a copy of your police records. Find out how to do this here.

You can add multiple convictions (separate convictions resulting from separate court proceedings on different dates) and you can also add multiple sentences to each conviction (multiple sentences like community orders and restraining orders, that you received as part of the same conviction during the same court proceedings).

We will not ask for any personal identifiable information, and we will not save any data that will allow us or anyone else to identify you.