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Fraser – The confidence to work in the NHS

Fraser contacted Unlock after encountering lots of employment rejections since he had received a driving conviction 5 years ago. He worked in healthcare and found it really hard to understand how his conviction related in any way to his work. Prior to the conviction, Fraser had always been successful in any interview he attended but his confidence was now at an all-time low.

Many of the rejections he had received were from the NHS and Fraser couldn’t see any hope for the future if they wouldn’t employ him especially as they are the largest employers of healthcare staff in the UK.

We suggested that the next time Fraser attended an interview, he ask for feedback if he wasn’t successful. It may not be as a result of his conviction that he was being refused. We provided Fraser with some information around disclosure and also provided him with some advice on interview techniques. We were also able to confirm that Fraser’s conviction would be filtered from standard and enhanced DBS certificates from 2021.

Fraser took on board the advice given to him and contacted NHS Professionals, a specialist organisation within the NHS who recruit temporary staff for positions throughout the UK. Fraser explained the circumstance surrounding his offence and reassured the agency that it was a one off offence and he would be no risk to patients or colleagues.

NHS Professionals accepted Fraser on to their books and he has successfully completed several temporary jobs with them. He is currently undertaking a long term placement which he believes may ultimately lead onto a permanent position.

Fraser said:

“Speaking to Unlock made me realise that the rejections may not have had anything to do with my conviction. The stuff I read on the Hub made me think about different ways of disclosing and gave me the confidence to apply to NHS Professionals”


Notes about this case study

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Important links relating to this case study include information on disclosing to employers and the filtering process.

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