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Craig – Using Unlock’s information to find house insurance

After his son received a prison sentence, Craig found it really difficult to find an insurance company that was able to provide him with a quote for house insurance. Even though he knew that his son’s conviction may cause him difficulties in getting a job, Craig had no idea that his son’s conviction would impact on his own ability to insure his home.

Despite being unable to assist him, one of the high street insurers that Craig contacted suggested that he visit Unlock’s information site where he came across the list of insurance brokers.

Craig contacted one of the brokers on the list and very quickly obtained a policy which provided him with full cover for almost the same premium as he’d been paying previously.

Craig said:

“I’d never heard of Unlock before and I couldn’t believe the amount of really useful information there was on the website. There are two pages of insurance brokers to choose from and I just picked one at random.


It’s great to know that a website like this exists whose sole aim is to help people move on with their lives once they’ve received a criminal record .”



As Craig discovered, the impact of a conviction can affect the whole family, not just the person that’s appeared in court; this is especially so with regards to insurance.

We’ve recently developed our information site and identified seven criminal record stages when specific information on how to deal with some of the specific consequences at that stage is relevant. We hope that this will guide individuals towards information which they may not be aware they need to know.


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