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Brenda – Don’t trust that you’ve disclosed to an insurer, make sure you get proof

Brenda contacted Unlock about problems she was having with her insurance:

“About 4 years ago, my partner was sent to prison for a couple of months. When he came out, we wanted to get our lives back together, which, although not easy, we have managed to some extent.


However, recently, my husband dropped a plate on our ceramic cooker. I rang the insurer to see if we were covered, and they said we were. They asked a couple of questions, including whether any of us has any criminal convictions. I answered yes, as I had told the broker when we took out the insurance. They said that they had no information about convictions. I told them I had told the broker, but I didn’t have any evidence to back this up. They turned round and said they wasn’t paying out, and that they were cancelling our insurance. The claim was for £500. I have tried to argue this, but I seem to be getting nowhere. I know I told my broker – I wouldn’t have been that stupid to lie but then tell the truth when claiming.


I then had to look for alternative insurance. I contacted another company, and disclosed my partners conviction over the telephone. They said they would note it on the policy. I took out the policy, and received the papers through a couple of days later. Having taken a look through the policy documents, next to the conviction question it said “no”. I rang them and, despite them saying that they have recorded my partners conviction, they had no record of this. They proceeded to tell me that they would be cancelling our insurance and only gave me 14 days to find alternative insurance. How can an insurer say one thing one minute then go do the opposite the next. If I hadn’t checked, we would have been paying for insurance that was completely null and void.


I am now looking to find alternative insurance. I have been to Unlock who have provided me with a list of insurers who may be able to help. However, I suspect that, because I don’t recognise any of the names, they will be more expensive. It is not fair”


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