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Archives: Case Studies

Tulaya – I successfully challenged an ineligible check through the DBS

Josh – I had the information but getting reassurance from Unlock around disclosure was just what I needed

Kurt – You don’t need a solicitor to represent you to get a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) discharged

Ben – Praise from a judge when I applied to have my SOPO discharged

Emery – The successful disclosure of my criminal record led to a job in a hospital

Nina – Raising concerns with an employer about an ineligible check resulted in a change in recruitment practice and a job

Penny – Sometimes you need to be brave and ask an employer to justify their decisions

Enzo – Don’t be afraid to challenge an employer over a DBS check if you think it’s ineligible

Donny – My new career is now a reality rather than just a dream

Unlock assists charity to safely recruit an individual with a criminal record into a volunteer role

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