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Getting a copy of your DBS records


DBS records (often referred to a “DBS Subject Access Request”)

Issued by

Disclosure and Barring Service


To see what information the DBS hold on their records about you. It can be useful if, for some reason, you no longer have a copy of the disclosure certificate that an employer undertook on you. Subject Access is a right provided under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998 whereby any individual can ask any organisation what information they hold on them.

What it contains

This application will only return something if you have previously had a check carried out on you.

A subject access request to the DBS will provide you with copies of previous application forms, system notes, correspondence held and a print out of what was contained on the certificate(s). Please note – the printout is not a duplicate certificate; it provides a copy of what was released on the certificate in a different format. It should provide you with evidence of each check that has been completed on you and if any conviction information has been released on the certificate it would appear on the print out. The application form would also show the name of the organisation that submitted the check(s)

How to apply

Obtain a Subject Access application form from the DBS, enclosing any necessary identity documents and the appropriate fee via cheque or postal order.

Who can apply for it

Only the person whom the information is relevant to can apply

Contact details

A: DBS Subject Access Team, Policy Department, PO Box 165, Liverpool, L69 3JD
T: 0151 676 1154



How long it takes

Up to 40 calendar days

Where it is sent

To you.

Link to anonymous example

Not available

How to correct inaccurate information

  • If you need to correct inaccurate personal information, such as your name, date of birth or address, you need to raise a data entry dispute. More details are available here
  • However, if it is that your conviction details are incorrect or inaccurate, you need to raise a data source dispute. This can be done online (you complete the form electronically, print and submit it by post). Alternatively, you can request a disputes form by post by calling 0870 9090 811.

Other information

The DBS does not hold a copy of the Police National Computer (PNC) record of convictions. The system held by the DBS is known as a PNC Extract. The extract contains basic identifying details such as name and date of birth of persons included on the PNC. The extract does not contain any conviction information. The police both own and maintain the Police National Computer.


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  1. If the DBS subject access request doesn’t show convictions, then how do I find what conviction information is held. e.g. when we used to have the enhanced disclosures, we always received a copy and it showed all convictions. Now I get nothing because its just an update service. The reason I want to see this is to find out if any convictions have been filtered. If I don’t know this, then I cant give an employer accurate information.

    1. Hi Dave

      Convictions can be filtered from a standard and enhanced DBS certificate if it meets the following criteria:

      1. Is more than 11 years old (5.5 years if you were under 18 when you were convicted).
      2. It did not result in a prison sentence or suspended sentence.
      3. The offence you were convicted of does not appear on the DBS list of offences which will never be eligible to be filtered –

      If the conviction meets all of the above then it will automatically be filtered by the DBS.

      If you’re not sure of the details of your convictions then you should apply for a copy of your police record (often referred to as a Subject Access Request) from ACRO Criminal Records Office – You can use the information contained in this SAR to check whether the convictions will be eligible for filtering.

      Best wishes


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